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Week of 6/7/99:-

I think TVB's Happy Camper, Fei Fei, must really, really like Esther. She invited Esther to her latest game show!!! U can catch Esther's appearance on Fei Fei's Game Show in tape #2 (if you're living in the US). Check it out!!

If U're living overseas, don't forget to check out Esther's latest flik, "A Loving Spirit" [全 院 滿 座 ] !! Esther's back in business playing a goody-2-shoes, poor girl who finds a job in the infamous movie theatre, at the persuasion of her best pal, Tong Ying Ying. Under some accidental circumstances, she gets the "luxury" to meet and befriend a female ghost, played by real-life buddy of Esther, Yuen Keng Daan. Of 'coz Esther and Yuen's friendship doesn't blossom overnite ~ lotsa laughs and comic moments which brings them closer together and become buddies in the end. In the course of the series, there's romance, obviously. The love triangle cliche is evidenced in this series ~ the parties involved are Esther, Lawrence Ng, and Cheng Ji Sing. Hmm..will it be good ending or a bad one, eh? Well, guys, I suggest you don't miss it on TV or video. GO WATCH IT!!!

Listen up, folkz! In case you weren't aware, Esther's in various magz and TV appearances during the month of June! Of 'coz! Don't ya know? Her latest series, "A Loving Spirit" [全 院 滿 座 ] premiered in HK in June and obviously she's out everywhere promoting it! :-) Lucky us, not only do we see her on TV (video for overseas viewers), we can catch her posing for different magz and newspapers too! Ok, here are the magz that Esther's in recently:

Week of 5/31/99:-

The FM 88.1 radio interview is HERE!! Go check it out..

Week of 5/24/99:-

Look out for Esther's long-awaited ghost comedy/drama, "A Loving Spirit" this summer! Ask your local video store for details of the release date.

Esther woz on Radio FM 88.1 on 5/24/99. I'm in the process of posting the audio clipz here. So come back & listen to yer heart's content when it's up & running!! ;-)

Wow! Long time no "see" here, eh? Well, here's some newz (old to some of U) for ya...Esther's been in Ming Pao Weekly seen w/ her "Armed Reaction 2" cast (May 1999 issue). She's also the cover girl of the latest issue of Sister Mag. Hmm.mm.mm...very, very sexy & stunning this petite beauty is! ^_^ Go check it out NOW!!!

Week of 3/15/99:-

Hey, Hey, HEY!!! Guess who just visited the Esther Kwan Discussion Forum? YEP, it'z ESTHER KWAN, HERSELF!!!! Fancy the surprise when I received a message about it!! COOL!!! As usual, she woz in a hurry, like any other famouz celeb, but she sounded great! And ANOTHER PLEASANT SURPRISE ~ SHE HAS INVITED YOU TO E-MAIL HER VIA HER FREN'Z ADDRESS!!!!! She'll get her own e-mail address later but won't B for a long time, though. So, U Esther fanz out there, what R U waiting for, huh? Wanna drop her a line or send her something, a letter, an e-card, whatever....? KLIK ON HERE & U'LL B TAKEN TO ZEE E-MAIL ADDRESS INSTANTLY!!! Good luck!! ^_^

The long-awaited "Super Trio Game Show - Valentine's Day Special" has just been released on video!!!! It's TAPE #9, or EPISODE 18. DON'T JUST GO, RUN TO YOUR NEAREST VIDEO STORE RIGHT NOW & RENT IT!!!!! It's SOOooo FUNNY, simply HILARIOUS!!!!! ^o^

Guess what? Esther revealed that her agent is in the middle of getting her to sign w/ a film company to star in a movie!! Ooo, wonder what it's going 2 B, eh? Let's hope that would expand Esther's viewership!! ^_^ Do check back often to get zee scoop as I get more details....

Here's a gist of what Esther's upcoming sequel, "Armed Reaction 2" is all about:

Main Cast & Characters
  • Esther Kwan as "Ju So Ngor" (Ngor Jeh)
  • Bobby Au Yeung as "Chan Siu Sung"
  • Joyce Tang as "Chan Saam Yuen"
  • Ngai Jun Kit as "Ching Foong"
Duration of Series30 Episodes
Storyline6 separate stories, each based on real-life news.
  • (i) 舞 國 風 雲
  • (ii) 還 我 本 息
  • (iii) 的 士 色 魔 - where Joey Tang gets raped.
  • (iv) 冷 血 人 版
  • (v) 銀 色 騙 子
  • (vi) 驚 天 械 劫 案

Esther was spotted at a commercial plaza in HK yesterday, along w/ colleagues, Gallen Lo, Ada Choi, and Lawrence Ng, attending a charity show. Esther took on a new position that day ~ yep, a model! At the ceremony, she modeled for the artist to draw a portrait of herself for charity. As U may be aware, the HK celebs recently had copyright problems, where they were "exploited" for commercial purposes w/o their expressed consent, i.e. selling their pix, promoting stuff, which they didn't have the right to decline, etc. Esther, as a "victim" to such unsolicited exploitative activities, among others, stressed that it's imperative for the celebs to retain their own rights to distribution, commercialism, and promotion. Thus, she added that, she alwiz makes sure that her agent includes specific provisions in her contracts to protect her from such possible exploits. Esther, however, said that if the purpose is for charity, she wouldn't mind one bit. Yep, I think it's time the law-makers developed some regulations about such a serious crime, copyright infringement, which is a major criminal offense over here in the U.S.

Week of 3/8/99:-

Esther's back in the newz this week! ^_^ Yep, starting to promote her next series, "Armed Reaction 2", I suppose. According to Singtao Daily, Ming Pao Daily, and Apple Daily, the sequel to the popular cop series will consist of as many as 6 mini-stories taken from real-life stories, one of which will be about a famous HK personality who had an extra-marital affair, which led to his wife and child jumping off a building, ending up in critical condition! When asked what she thought of Nick Cheung getting a 2nd live-in partner, Esther, as usual, cheekily replied, "Well, I actually wouldn't mind him getting another partner 'coz I really need a housemaid to clean up our house! Other than using her as a housemaid, obviously that's OUT of the question!" Ha! Ha! Good ol' Esther! ^_^

"Armed Reaction 2" marks Esther's first time in reprising a TV character, something which she never had a particular interest in for fear of boring her viewers and of being typed-cast. However, due to the extreme popularity of her role and the series, she doesn't mind one bit in reprising such a versatile, not to mention, hilariously funny character! Lucky us! ;-P Anyways, Esther will partner w/ longtime buddy, Bobby Au Yeung, this time being his wife, to be exact, bossy, cop wife! ;-P Becoz they've been on-screen partners for so long, Esther & Bobby practically know each other inside out, literally no holds barred. Bobby would blab out vulgarities in front of Esther & Esther, like a real partner, would slap him in the mouth! Heh! Heh! These 2 lovebirds ~ I mean, on-screen lovebirds!! ^o^ That's why they're alwiz SOOoooo natural whenever they act as partners!! Oooo, can't wait for this sequel to be released! Bet it's gonna be much more hilarious than the first one, eh? ^_^

In case U didn't know already, Esther's hit series, "Armed Reaction" took the 6th place in the 1998 Nextmedia Awards' Top Ten TV Series List, whereas her heavy drama series, "Burning Flame" grabbed the 4th place!! Oh, WOWWW!!! Congrats, Esther!! ^o^

The results for the 1998 Nextmedia Awards are finally OUT!! Esther made the Top 10 TV Celebrity List!! ^_^ Here's the lowdown on who's who on the Top Ten List...

Yep! Looks like the Year 1998 was truly the year for the "Healing Hands" cast...they ALL made the list, for crying out loud!! Jeez! Nevertheless, LET'S CONGRATULATE ESTHER in making the list 2 years in a row!!! ^_^ Well done, Esther! Best Wishes to U next year!!U can also check out the whole scoop & read all about it at the official Nextmedia site.The Nextmedia Magazine is available at newzstands now - Issue #470 dated 3/12/99.

Week of 3/1/99:-

Esther'z in the newz again!! Yipee!! Recently Esther took on yet another of her many commercial projects. This time it's w/ a soap company in Taiwan. On location in Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh (Malaysia), she had an unforgettable experience while shooting the TV soap commercial. While doing her "thang" at the bottom of the beautifual waterfall in Kuala Lumpur, the rain hit the location and didn't stop but got heavier. At first Esther thought it'd stop after a while, but when the crew saw that the water turned muddy yellow, they quickly hurled Esther out of the water and ran for cover becoz the local people told them the muddy water meant the place woz gonng flood!! Alas, it did!! Phew! Esther never felt so lucky. If she were to continue shooting the commercial and didn't leave that place, she'd have hit the flood!! All in all, Esther's pretty satisfied w/ the commercial. When asked how much she woz paid to do this commercial, she didn't reveal anything, only that it woz a 6-figure check! ^_^ Cool!! So, you lucky HK & China residents, watch out for Esther's soap commercial on TV sometime soon!! :-) You can find this related story in Takung Pao Daily Newz, Apple Daily, and Ming Pao Daily on 3/6/99.

Week of 2/15/99:-

Esther wishes everyone HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!! Yep, she woz on RTHK Radio 2 the other day w/ fren, Jessica Hester, taking a break & having a chat w/ her fanz. Boy, woz she funny or what w/ the stuff she woz saying!! Ha! Ha! What? Not convincing enuf? Why don't ya check it out 4 yerselves here! ^o^

Esther'z gonna be on RTHK Radio 2 on 2/17/99!! Check it out & hear what our talented actor has 2 say!! ^_^ Esther will be on the air from 5p-7p during the program, "娛樂滿天星".

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